Joanne is an outstanding leader. She truly cares about us as professionals and our development. She has very thought-provoking insights and gives us wonderful options to consider. Thank you, Joanne, for everything you do.”
Joanne’s counsel, wisdom, and business experience have helped me make a difference! I would encourage anyone who wants to move forward to enlist her skills without hesitation!!!!!!!”
It is ever-apparent how perfect Joanne is for her role! She is an excellent facilitator with a sincere adoration for her participants in their path to educational discovery. I look forward to my next learning experience! Thank You!”
Joanne is a class act and I give her two thumbs up!”
You truly have a command of the floor when speaking!”
You were a GREAT help in helping me see beyond the small square box! I’ll keep you posted on the progress!! “
Thrilled that we now have a structured plan in place to develop leaders. It was compared to Disney’s programs. You did a stellar job, thank you!”
Joanne – Thank you for inviting me to the Leadership Commencement Program. I found it inspiring and moving. I think the work you do is making a bold impact on our organization’s leaders, and it was very clear how positively impacted the participants (and mentors) were by your hard work! Wonderful job!”
You were able to provide great insight and bring a new perspective to our team. I have personally taken the key points we took away and tried to apply them in my daily work.”
Thank you, Joanne, for the great work that you do! Your passion for the program is contagious!”