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Our passion is turning the possibility of leadership potential into the promise of leadership success.

We epitomize a lifetime of “scheduling possibilities”…and then acting upon them to transform visionary pursuits into reality. What visionary pursuits are you ready to tackle? What possibilities are you ready to schedule?

We are here to serve your development needs. We are here to help you achieve more.

Let’s turn your possibilities into success.

Vision Quest Values

  • Climb High – Think BIG!
  • Dream and Wonder (Be Visionary)
  • Conquer Fear – Read and Grow
  • Do Your Best…and Celebrate Success!


Joanne Cumiskey

Joanne Cumiskey is a leadership expert and business development consultant who lives in southwest Florida. She brings a wealth of award-winning leadership experience to business and industry nationwide. Joanne has a proud track record of accomplishments having received accolades and recognition throughout her career.

From achieving the #1 ranking in the country to being named Manager, Regional Manager, Teacher, and Chapter Member of the Year (multiple times), Joanne understands the process of leadership success. Joanne credits her accomplishment to her BEST-STEPS™ methodology. BEST-STEPS™ is a disciplined system of leadership actions and behaviors that ensure leaders achieve extraordinary results again and again.

As a dynamic leader, Joanne has a remarkable capacity to integrate business priorities with people priorities. She learned early on in her career that success is generated by others; and others must be developed individually and collectively to the level of accomplishment desired. Innovation, technological advancement, agile thinking, and a host of other capabilities are needed to advance a company in today’s marketplace. However, advancement doesn’t happen in isolation. People are central to operations, thought-leadership, and success for every organization.

Joanne helps leaders and organizations pinpoint their business and development opportunities. With her guidance, limitations are transformed into realizing potential and pursuing possibilities. The outcome is improved performance, accelerated profits, and extraordinary people driving productivity for sustainable, long-term success.

Joanne Cumiskey

Client, Organization, and Industry Experience

Joanne has worked in many sectors of business and industry including service industries, manufacturing, technology, engineering, and financial services. She also serves professional associations and not-for-profit groups. In her corporate roles, she advanced quickly to senior level positions, earning many prestigious awards along the way. In her entrepreneurial roles she is a savvy businessperson with a keen understanding of operations, business development, and P&L accountability. As a keynote speaker, Joanne brings an energy, spirit, and enthusiasm to the room that is genuine, authentic, uplifting, and unique. She has enjoyed radio and television appearances and is the author of SMART Steps – The Art of Success.

Education and Memberships

  • Michigan State University, Bachelor of Science, graduated with honors
  • National Speakers Association; Past-President of Michigan Chapter, VP of Education & Programming
  • Association for Talent Development, Board Member
  • American Business Women’s Association, Membership Committee
  • Chamber of Commerce, Contributing Member and Guest Presenter


Succession Strategist (LDSS), Human Capital Institute, NY
Hogan Certification, Hogan Assessment Systems, OK
Crucial Conversations, VitalSmarts, UT
Entrepreneurial Development, Kauffman Foundation, KS
DDI Leadership Facilitation, Lansing Community College, MI
Accelerated Learning, Center for Accelerated Learning, WI
Presentation Skills, Communispond, Inc., IL
Professional Selling Skills, Learning International, MI
Everything DiSC® Behavior Styles, Inscape Publishing/Wiley, MN

An Authentic Vision Quest

The signs were evident early on. Joanne’s passion for developing others was readily apparent at a young age. She played “teacher” at her childhood blackboard for hours using encyclopedias as text books and stuffed animals as students.

Fast-forward to her corporate career…

Joanne CumiskeyAfter leading award-winning teams, time and again, Joanne (Estes) Cumiskey reflected on how she was able to replicate winning team behavior not once, not twice, but multiple times throughout her 20-year sales and leadership career. What was the secret?

Joanne deduced the secret was her laser-like focus on developing behaviors vs. obsessive attention to only driving the numbers. Now, please don’t misunderstand. Joanne is keenly aware that numbers and business acumen and a host of other skills are critical factors in generating repetitive success. But what made her genuinely unique among her peers and colleagues was her focus on teaching team members disciplined behaviors of success and developing them to their fullest potential.

All this led to award-winning outcomes, not once, not twice, but time and again. And so, armed with knowledge, experience, and an enviable track record, Joanne decided to take her expertise for developing others and do what she had always envisioned doing…become an entrepreneur and launch her own business.

Vision Quest was founded in 1996. It began as a training and development company with “training systems to change the future” as its recognizable tagline. And change the future it did!

Since 1996 Vision Quest has served hundreds of clients’ learning and development needs. Literally, thousands have been taught key behaviors of success. And today we keep growing, one client at a time.

Twenty plus years later…

Vision Quest has since evolved into Vision Quest Leadership LLC. Our laser-like focus on developing the highest caliber leaders inspired a revision of our original business name to accurately reflect the essence of our work today…Leadership Development.

Now, as Vision Quest Leadership LLC, we’d like to help you develop a new generation of enlightened leaders who drive results, not by numbers alone, but by unleashing the true potential and capability of their people, possibilities, and teams. We invite you to contact us.