Thank you so much for such an inspirational board retreat! I’ve been to a few of these and this was the most engaged I’ve ever seen everyone! We appreciate all your efforts, and look forward to using what we learned to have an amazing year!

Thank you,
Brian Faro
Managing Broker
Paradise Exclusive Real Estate

Joanne, I am 100% enjoying and benefiting from your program. The connections you have made possible alone are worth far more than the fee of your course. You are talented, motivational, and generous of your time. Your class could not have come at a better time! Thank you for this opportunity as we launch our nonprofit.

Rae Ann
President & Founder
GulfShore Medical Services Foundation, Inc.

Thank you, Joanne! …for your ability to ask compassionate and probing questions that have already helped us improve our lives and situations.

Lea Wojciechowski
President & Co-Owner
J-RO School of Music

Joanne is an outstanding leader. She truly cares about us as professionals and our development. She has very thought-provoking insights and gives us wonderful options to consider. Thank you, Joanne, for everything you do.”
This High 5 has been a long time coming. I participated in Joanne’s LEAP program (leadership development) and continue to use the material in that program today. In fact, I specifically use the Crucial Conversation training on a regular basis and found that the skills and language from the program were especially beneficial during my recent interview process. The DiSC profile training, Leadership training and Emotional Intelligence training are also skill sets I use on a daily basis.

The connections made during that program have directly impacted my professional development. LEAP ended with our presentations; and the connections made that day have grown into mentor and peer mentor relationships…relationships that have been invaluable to me over the past year and a half. All of which has culminated in a promotion for me- one that I have been working towards for a long time.

Thank you, Joanne, for the great work that you do! Your passion for the program is contagious!”

Ashley Feltner, Director
National Recruiting
Financial Services

Joanne this is incredible! High Five recognition is very noteworthy, clearly acknowledging your expertise and passion. Moreover, a participant is connecting and attributing the value of learning to her recent promotion which is the type of acknowledgement that gives new meaning to Talent Development! Thanks for continuing to add value in an effective way……a way that is leading people to rewarding opportunities and promotions. Well done!”

Marion Terrell, Vice President
HR Consulting and Talent Development
Financial Services

Thrilled that we now have a structured plan in place to develop leaders. It was compared to Disney’s programs. You did a stellar job, thank you!”
Joanne is a warm, energetic presenter who is passionate about her work. She shows a great capacity to engage with and maintain the attention and focus of a group. She was able to spark enthusiastic, lively group participation on a much higher level than we have seen in our recent meetings. Joanne guided our group through discussions specifically tailored to the goals of our participants. Our group’s reception of Joanne was very positive. We would be happy to recommend Joanne as a presenter.”

Deborah Graves, Employment Specialist
Giovanni Barcesi, Project Director
AARP Foundation

EVERYONE said this was the best presentation (Productive Conflict) they had ever been to at The University! So, kudos to you. They said the morning blew by…they couldn’t believe how engaging and supportive you were throughout the session! They felt they learned so much about themselves and how they can best work to support each other as team members. Just what we wanted!”

Debra Sugiyama RDH, BS/Clinical Supervisor
Hospital Dentistry at the University of Michigan

You were a GREAT help in helping me see beyond the small square box! I’ll keep you posted on the progress!!”
I participated in a presentation class hosted by Joanne. I enjoyed her passion in helping us all understand the importance of presenting not only PPT slides, but also presenting ourselves. I could sense that people felt uncomfortable, standing up in front of the class, which is normal; but Joanne continued to encourage, inspire, and express patience and understanding. She was very professional and I have a new respect for what she does. I would recommend others to her classes for sure!”

Greg Wolfe, Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant
Financial Services

After recently attending the Project Management Foundations workshop co-facilitated by Joanne Cumiskey, it is ever-apparent how perfect Joanne is for her role. She is an excellent trainer with a sincere adoration for her participants in their path to educational discovery. I look forward to my next learning experience!”

Ryan McKenna, Business Analyst
Financial Services

Joanne, I have enjoyed our long-term professional connection and I certainly recommend that others enlist your services to design or deliver workshops, present at conferences, or provide leadership consulting and coaching to all levels of leaders. Your leadership presence and expertise are valuable for anyone seeking to improve their leadership effectiveness. You have a great capacity to address performance improvement needs. As a most polished presenter you use the whole room for delivery of content and information. Your directions for learning activities and exercises are clear and your group discussion summaries are succinct and helpful. Your use of pausing and silence is excellent. I appreciate how you create context for the use of media relative to the subject matter at hand. Your body language, eye contact, and gestures all contribute to your strong and confident message. Your client audiences are engaged and attentive…always learning and always enhancing their skills. I have great confidence in referring you to others.”

Susan Mutty, former Director
Workforce Performance Solutions
Business & Community Institute

You were able to provide great insight and bring a new perspective to our team. I have personally taken the key points we took away and tried to apply them in my daily work.”
Taking LEAP changed a lot of my perspective about my role as a leader and how I want to lead. I have taken similar training before; however, the interrelationship between the various topics was extremely helpful and provided the blue print I needed to be more successful.”

Cindi Malmgren, AVP Compliance
National Plan Holdings

I know your personal influences have helped build talents and self-confidence for members of my staff along the way. I appreciate your working shoulder-to-shoulder with such giving and talented officers that help me to fortify my staff and make them even stronger. It takes a village. So, I thank you.”

Aimee Blinder, Vice President Compliance
National Plan Holdings

The LEAP program (leadership development) was a tremendous opportunity for which I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate. I still utilize skills learned over those months in my day-to-day management of my team and will continue to do so in the future.”

Matt Murphy, Director
Investment Management
Financial Services

Joanne’s counsel, wisdom, and business experience have helped me make a difference! I would encourage anyone who wants to move forward to enlist her skills without hesitation!!!!!!!”
LEAP played a major part in my advancement. A few weeks prior to my promotion announcement, I shared with a colleague how participating in the LEAP program helped me to feel more comfortable speaking in front of people. Prior to LEAP, I would only speak when spoken to in meetings. Now, I feel much more comfortable in meetings and in leading group discussions, which allows me to make much more significant contributions! So…in a nutshell, THANK YOU for helping me get to where I am today! I really appreciate it.”

Jay Grasso, Director
Investment Accounting
Financial Services

I presently have three associates going thru the Leadership Development program. I serve as mentor to one; and feedback from all three indicate they are being challenged by the program and find the experience beneficial. Having watched Joanne in action a few times, I can see that she is always prepared, energetic, and in command of the audience and topics. Joanne is a class act and I’ll give her two thumbs up.”

Tom Hurley, Senior Vice President
Market Research and Strategic Development
Financial Services

You have left many of us with building blocks to keep growing in our leadership support across the company. Thank you for the investment you made here!”