Schedule the Possibilities!

“After all is said and done, more is said than done” – Author Unknown

Wouldn’t it be better to say “After all is said and done, what is said IS done“?

Many of us live in the realm of possibilities. We find ourselves saying things like… “if only it were possible.” Here’s what you might hear yourself saying:

If only it were possible…to make a million dollars, to spend more time with family, to be a better leader,
to find true happiness, to take the day off tomorrow, to _(fill in the blank)_.

Is there something you wish you had in your life or career? Is there something you’d like to do? Is there something you’d like to change? It might be simple. It might be small. Or it might seem too difficult or too big to tackle. Whatever it is, identify it in your mind right now; and focus on it as you continue reading.

Years ago, I found myself saying once again, “if only it were possible…to have the best summer ever.”

I love the anticipation of summer. It’s filled with the promise of activities, outings, and new adventure. Yet, year after year, summer would come and summer would go, and so would the promise of activity. I would always say, “This year is going to be different”. Wishful thinking. Here today. Gone tomorrow. Summer would start. Summer would end. I would have done little.

Typically, we rented a cottage at the same lake during the same week, year after year. And that was it. But here’s the list of what we did the summer my daughter turned eight.

  1. Traverse City
  2. Balloon Festival
  3. The Lake
  4. The Cornfields of Iowa
  5. A Conference in Marquette
  6. Green Bay
  7. Lake Huron
  8. Cedar Point
  9. A Mini-Vacation along Lake Erie

So…how did this come to fruition?

I decided to incorporate three strategies to help me do what I was saying I wanted to do. And I still exercise those strategies to this day. The strategies can help you, too.

The first strategy is…observation. You have to visualize it before you can do it. If you don’t see it, you miss the opportunity. Possibilities are very much like shooting stars. Unless you slow down long enough to look, they will be forever lost in space. Once overlooked, you do nothing with a missed possibility. Remember? “More is said than done.” But when you see it, when you really see it, then you can do something with it.

What possibilities do you see or imagine when you slow down, even for a moment? What keeps popping into your head? Got it? Write it down. But now, what do you do with it?

The second strategy is to schedule your possibility. Scheduling something on your calendar helps to ensure it will turn a possibility into reality. Often, we think of something we want to do or accomplish; and then we say “someday, somehow, someway” …but we never put it on our calendars. Become adept at scheduling possibilities on your calendar no matter how far-reaching they may seem. The fact that it’s on your calendar significantly increases the likelihood of doing it.

What happens when you actually schedule a possibility? You intentionally start move things around to ensure you can do what you put on the calendar. The scheduled possibility generates momentum and specific action toward a successful outcome.

The third strategy addresses your support network. Identify a Possibility Partner. Possibility Partners are those who can assist in helping you fulfill the possibility. They’re not just friends and family. They can be anybody with a skill or expertise to help you move the intention of the possibility to reality. Your expanse of resources is only limited by the boundaries you impose.

Reflect back on the possibility you visualized in the first strategy section of this blog post. Put it on your calendar. Then identify who can support your effort toward fulfilling this really cool idea. Contact them today. You’ll be surprised at how much you actually do by incorporating these 3 simple strategies.

I can hear it now! “After all is said and done, what is said IS done.” Get to work on scheduling those possibilities!

Photo credit: by rawpixel on Unsplash